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     By definition, chrysalis is a protecting covering : a sheltered state or stage of being or growth. And that's exactly how we view the restorative period of time after a breast surgery. It's meant to be a time of healing and transformation, and you should emerge from it like a beautiful butterfly.

     That's the sole purpose of The Chrysalis Method. To help women navigate this period of growth and rejuvenation. We help arm you to rock your recovery with nutritional planning, ways to keep moving that are cleared with your surgeon and an online forum full of support from other women who have been where you are.  


     Join The Chrysalis Method today for FREE and let us help you make the most of your surgery and post-operative recovery. 


     My entire family is in the dental field and my mom is a nurse. So early on, I knew that I wanted to be in the medical field somehow.  When I was a student in college I had a physical therapy tech job and I fell in love with it. 
     After seeing people come out of surgery at their absolute weakest and most vulnerable point, being able to walk them through that stage and help them get back home and to their maximum capacity was absolutely the most rewarding feeling.      Being a part of that transformation felt so gratifying because I got to see patients through their entire recovery process and help make them the absolute best that they could be. After my physical therapy tech job as an undergraduate, I decided to pursue my career as a physical therapist and earned my doctorate in 2007. 
     A few years later when I had my surgery, I lived five hours away from family. I was new to a city and didn't have the kind of friends I felt like I could confide in over a personal surgery such as a breast augmentation. The fact that I didn't have family or friends here to talk to or to even help me physically after I had the surgery, made it very, very challenging. 
      Being alongside my grandmother, mother-in-law, and most recently my sister-in-law who've all have had breast cancer and battled the recovery period for different reasons instilled an even deeper passion for wanting to help women recover from breast surgeries. There is a tremendous amount of support groups available for women with breast cancer, but Chrysalis provides more than support. 

     Learning about BII and meeting women who are suffering from this disease and needing explant surgery has added even more validation for my program. These women have suffered terrible side effects. Chrysalis is customized to aid in the detox period and help these women regain strength. 
     All of these experiences and relationships along with my medical background of being a doctor of physical therapy have helped me develop the program now known as Chrysalis. 
     During my recovery period, I completely underestimated the emotional rollercoaster that I experienced. My goal is to help every woman going through any type of breast surgery by preparing them for the recovery period and making sure they have all their questions answered. It's essential that women get the tools needed for recovery no matter what type of breast surgery they have. Everyone deserve structure, clarity and support. 
     After nearly 5 years of program development and implementation I have been able to turn Chrysalis into a FREE program to help more women across the globe. My sole purpose is to give women the tools, knowledge and support they need to have a more successful recovery from their breast surgeries no matter what type or reason. We all deserve that. 

My philosophy

The Founder

Lauren's Background

     Lauren graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in 2004. She then pursued her doctorate degree in physical therapy from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO, graduating in 2007.


     Over the last 15 years, she has worked in multiple settings including inpatient acute care, short- and long-term rehab care and has also owned her own outpatient clinic in Franklin, TN. Her experiences working at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, seeing women fighting breast cancer, combined with the other multiple settings gave her a broad range of experiences and outlooks on the different aspects of rehab.


     These experiences combined with her personal experience going through a breast surgery helped her develop the components of The Chrysalis Method, which address the overall wellbeing of patients during their recovery period.

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