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Welcome to Week Eleven of The Chrysalis Method:

Confident in your Skin

In previous weeks we mentioned women having different reasons for having breast surgery and how no matter what your reason, it’s yours alone and nobody else’s to judge. 

This week we want you to focus on feeling not only confident in your decision but safe in your own skin. Feeling safe in your own skin will translate into self-confidence. So how can we achieve this? If you start by treating yourself how you treat others, then most likely you’re off to a good start. 

For example, would you tell a friend that their stretch marks are ugly and they should be ashamed? Rather, you would hopefully tell your friend that those stretch marks are simply beauty marks earned from either growing human beings inside of you or changing shapes over the years for other reasons that led you to where you are now. 

Would you tell a loved one that they are ignorant or show shame if he/she had to move because they could no longer afford their mortgage? Rather, you would provide them with love and support they need to get through the difficult time. 

Take that same scenario and put yourself in the position of the supporter. Give yourself the same support, empathy, and self-compassion that you might give someone else. Society is already tough on us making us feel like we need to live a perfect life, and we put too much blame on ourselves striving for this perfection. 

Show yourself the same compassion you show others and give yourself permission to feel safe in your own skin. Please share your experience, insight, and progress with others in the forum. Click here to go there. 

“ The best gift you are ever going to give someone — the permission to feel safe in their own skin."

-Hannah Brencher-

Weekly Tip:

Have you ever meditated? 

For some reason the thought of meditation intimidates some people and they never try it. Regardless if you have or haven’t, this week you are going to do it. Take 10 minutes before you go to bed and perform this practice. 

Lay on the bed flat or on the floor in a room alone. Turn off all electronics, music, sound, etc. Lay perfectly still with your eyes closed. Try and clear your mind completely. This can be the most difficult part. 

Concentrate on your breathing. Take a long slow deep breath in through your nose counting to 10 and then slowly exhale out your mouth again counting to 10. This slow, controlled, deep breathing can help relax and clear your mind bringing you to a place a calmness that is much needed for self-care. 


If you feel this practice is beneficial and you can make it part of your routine, add it to your nightly ritual before going to bed. It can also help you fall asleep faster when done with awareness. 

You are coming to the end of your recovery journey. Now is a great time to take another look back at how far you've come. Look back at week one of your logs. How have your measurements changed? More importantly, how have your habits changed? Focus on continuing to be disciplined in your eating, working out and taking time out for yourself. 


Lauren Simpson, DPT

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