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Day 2: 7 Day Pre-Op Guide

Just like you should seek a qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to perform your surgery, you should always seek advice from other properly credentialed medical professionals.


Doctor of Physical Therapy has extensive education and medical background requiring vigorous testing and licensing, which differs from a certified athletic trainer or even a wellness enthusiast.

The Chrysalis Method founder Lauren Simpson has her clinical doctorate in physical therapy and has enjoyed working with post-operative patients throughout her 12-year career. She has always enjoyed helping people get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible. Having gone through a breast surgery herself, she realized there was no formal protocol for post-operative breast surgery recovery.

The stronger and more flexible your body is prior to surgery, the better it will bounce back and recover post-op.

Today we are going to do a few movements together to assess where you are with upper body range of motion before surgery. This will help you to have a realistic expectation of your post-op recovery ease or difficulty.

Watch the video below, complete the exercises and document your results on the PDF download below the video.

Today's Video

Print your range of motion sheet

Click the button below to print your range of motion worksheet. Discuss with your surgeon if you are having pain or difficulty with any of these movements prior to surgery. Don't forget to document left vs. right! 

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