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Welcome to Week Nine of The Chrysalis Method:

Own It!

Take a moment to reflect on why you had surgery. 


REGARDLESS of YOUR reason, it’s YOUR reason and nobody else’s to judge. It’s important to understand that nobody is perfect even after plastic surgery. If you’re striving for perfection, you will likely continue to be disappointed. You are unique and what you should strive for is being the best you, “so you can be who YOU are meant to be in the first place.” Take week 9 on like a boss. Be proud of your decision to have breast surgery no matter what type of surgery or reason for the surgery, and be the best you.

“ Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you - so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.“

-Paulo Coelho-

Weekly Tip:

This week’s tip is to encourage you to engage with others and wear your confidence like a badge. 

  • Make a lunch date with a friend, co-worker, or loved one. 

  • Take a long warm shower, throw on lipstick and a shirt you’ve been looking forward to wearing for a while. 

  • Walk into that lunch date with your shoulders back, head held high and smile. 

  • Remind yourself throughout your lunch that a smile and good posture resound with confidence.

    If you show you’ve got confidence, then you will learn to have confidence. Enjoy this time with your friend and be proud of your decision to take time for yourself as well as your decision to have the breast surgery. 

Movements Week 9

Movements: Week 9

As a general rule of thumb from this point onward since the restrictions are lifted, don’t do anything that feels painful. If you see your implant shifting outward during exercises, you should stop immediately and check with your surgeon. If you don't have implants and you feel any increased pain or something just doesn't feel right, stop what you're doing and seek guidance from Chrysalis! 

Endurance/Cardio: What is your goal? 

  • Increasing Fat Burning: 60-70% HRM

  • Improving Aerobic Fitness: 70-80% HRM

  • Increasing Maximum Performance: 80-90% HRM

Depending on your goal will be where you strive to get your heart rate if you’re keeping track during your activities. The 60-70% range is where the most fat burning occurs and 70-80% is more for aerobic fitness. If your goal is to burn fat, keep your intensity in the 60-70% range and increase the time in this zone. 

If you perform cardio fitness on the same days as your resistance training, I always recommend doing your resistance exercises PRIOR to your cardio to build muscle and minimize muscle fatigue. You can warm up your muscles with 5 minutes of light walking before your resistance training, but if you perform cardio and weights on the same day, do the bulk of your cardio AFTER your resistance training. 

This will help build muscle mass which will in turn increase your metabolism and helps you burn more fat in the long run. If you’re working away doing cardio, cardio, cardio, you won’t have any muscle for those curves you desire to show. You WON’T get big just from using resistance especially the low weights/resistance used in this program. It’s designed to keep you toned and maximize your recovery and healing process.



     1.  Wall Slide with Hand
        o   10 reps on each arm
        o   2 sets total

Grab a washcloth or anything small that will slide on the wall surface. Stand facing the wall about 6 inches away. With one hand at a time, place the washcloth between your hand and wall and slide your hand/arm up straight in front of you as far as you can go, then slide it back down to waist height. Repeat this slide up and down the wall SLOWLY for about 10 times.


     2. Standing Large Ball Chest Stretch
       o   Hold for 20-30 seconds each
       o   2-3 sets total

Stand with the Large Ball at your back against wall and reach your arms in a T position at shoulder height outstretched. Using the ball for stability your spine will curve around the ball and your chest will get a great stretch. You can add an element of difficulty by performing this stretch in a squat position and hold it for 30 seconds. Palms should be facing forward away from wall and arch your back on the ball creating increased chest stretch.


      3. Supine Leg Flutter Kicks
        o   15-20 each leg crossing
        o   2 sets

Lay on your back with your legs straight and arms at your sides, point your toes and raise your heels about 5 inches off the floor. Alternate your feet over each other crisscrossing your ankles for a flutter kick.


     4. Supine Bridges with Small Ball Between Knees
       o   15-20 reps
       o   3 sets total

Lay on your back with your knees bent and the small ball between your knees. Rest your arms at your sides. Press through your feet and buttocks lifting your buttocks off the floor and squeeze your buttocks at the top. Hold this position for 3 seconds while squeezing your buttocks and the ball between your knees. Slowly lower back down to the floor.


     5. Standing Arm Pendulums
       o   30 seconds clockwise then counterclockwise on each arm
       o   2-3 sets total

Stand near something that you can brace against. Bend over at the waistand lightly hold onto a chair/counter/table/etc. with one arm if you need to for balance, otherwise just relax the opposite arm. Let the other arm hang straight down allowing gravity to pull on it but nothing else. With gravity, gently swing your arm in circles in a clockwise direction for 30 seconds. Then switch and go the opposite direction with the arm circles. These are very small circles and should not be more than a few inches to a foot in diameter. Do these on each arm. 30 seconds in each direction on each arm for a total of 2 minutes.


     6. Side Step-Ups with Squat
       o   10 reps on each leg
       o   2 sets total

Stand with your side facing the step and the leg closest to the step will begin on the step. Step up bringing your opposite knee into your core and when you lower down back to the floor, you will lower into a squat position keeping the other leg on the step. Push up through your leg and glute muscles back onto the step and repeat. Keep your core tight and chest up. Perform 10 on one leg and then switch to the opposite leg.


      7. Side Arm Raises with No Weights
        o   10-15 reps
        o   2 sets total

Stand with fee hip width apart and arms down at your sides. Keeping your elbows straight, raise your arms straight out to the sides until you get to a “T” position with arms straight out to the sides. Return to the starting position with arms down at your sides.


      8. Forward-Backward Lunges
        o  10 reps on each leg
        o   2 sets total

With your hands-on hips, stand with your feet hip width apart. Step forward and lower yourself by bending at your knees keeping your back upright and straight. Lower until your front knee is at a 90-degree-angle (or front thigh is parallel with the floor). Push back to neutral standing. Next-step backward with the same foot that advanced forward on the previous step. Thus, one foot will be stationary as the pivot foot and the other will alternate between forward and backward lunging. 

Notice this week the sets decreased to 2 sets. This is for time saving purposes to make your resistance training more attainable since there are 8 total exercises to perform. Feel free to perform 3 sets if you have the time and stamina. Perform these 8 exercises on 3 days this week WITH the endurance/cardio on the same days if you’re able. You will have 3 days of exercises combined with endurance/cardio and 4 days of rest. If you’re unable to complete the endurance training on the same days as your exercises, you can break it up on separate days as you’ve done during previous weeks. As a general rule of thumb, keep the active days at 5-6/week with 1-2 rest days.

Recap of Week 9 Exercises: 
o  Wall slide with hand
o  Standing Large Ball Chest Stretch
o  Flutter Kicks
o  Supine Bridges with small ball between knees
o  Standing arm pendulums
o  Side Step-ups with squat
o  Side arm raises with no weights
o  Forward backward lunges

·       Total of 8 exercises for week 9. Perform all 8 exercises 3 times during week 9 on non-consecutive days.   Perform your endurance training 20-25-minute increments on the same days as your strengthening exercises if your time permits. If unable, you can alternate days as you’ve done in previous weeks.

I hope you will enjoy and celebrate another successful week of recovery in week nine. You are on the home stretch now of being 100% back to life. Stay focused. Keep up your exercises and be sure and contribute to the forum any additional things you did that felt good or helped solve an issue you faced. Enjoy your week!


Lauren Simpson, DPT

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