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Day 3: 7 Day Pre-Op Guide

You will have times of doubt, anxiety, fear leading up to your surgery. It’s common to experience these emotions especially in anticipation of not knowing what your body will look like afterwards.

Today is all about looking inward. 

Surgery can be scary.

Surgery can be a very emotional process for many reasons. We have found that it's helpful to prepare for that emotional journey- if you're expecting it, you're prepared for it and it doesn't take you by surprise.

Today we are encouraging you to write some of these things down. Take a few minutes today to think about how you're feeling about your upcoming surgery.

  • If this is an elective surgery for you, why do you want to have the surgery?

  • What are you most looking forward to after having the surgery?

  • What is worrying you about having this surgery or has kept you from having the surgery in the past?

  • Are you nervous? Excited? Who is supporting you in this journey?

Journaling or writing a letter can help to relieve some of the anxiety that sometimes comes with having surgery- elective or not. It can also help to clarify your intentions for having your surgery if it is elective. If your surgery is not elective, journaling can give you a place to express your emotions, express gratitude for the people around you who are supporting you, and to see how far you've come once you've completed treatment.

Our founder Lauren shares her story about writing a letter before surgery in the video below.

Today's Video:

Today's Tip:

It's your turn! Take a few moments today to write your letter or journal your feelings about your surgery. You can throw it away when you're finished, keep it in your underwear drawer for a rainy day, or continue journaling on a regular basis to track your progress. It's up to you!

More Resources: 

In addition, if you’re uncomfortable with the thought of anesthesia, fear can escalate. Read our blog on anesthesia here to hopefully calm some of those fears.

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