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Movement in the first few days after surgery shouldn't be confused with exercise. In the initial days of recovery, rest is important, but so is some gradual movement. Being sedentary is scientifically linked to decreased endorphins which can contribute to mood swings and emotional rollercoasters. Those are things that don't need to be a part of your recovery story and at Chrysalis, our focus is helping you avoid those pitfalls with a little planning and execution. 

This program is a guideline to follow for lower body exercises to keep you active during your recovery. Once your surgeon gives you permission to begin using your upper body, Chrysalis members will have access to unlock upper body exercises that will gradually increase your range of motion back to normal as well as help you regain your strength. 

Each week during the Chrysalis Method, new movements and ultimately exercises will be released to you. Each week's movements have been carefully designed with safety in mind. Ultimately, conservative movements implemented into your weekly routine will help you recover faster and have better long term results. 

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