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Weekly Tips for Better Recovery

Below you will find a week to week tip sheet to help you maximize your recovery. This information is in ADDITION to the weekly Chrysalis Method. We recommend flagging this page for quick reference so you can maximize your recovery from breast surgery. There is also a list of "other" helpful tips we have compiled that includes many things to help you maximize your recovery. Scroll on Down! 

Common Tips Post-Op 
Breast Surgery
  • If your child is still in a crib when you have surgery, make sure he/she can stand up. The number one recommendation would be, have someone else assist the child in/out of the crib. Knowing this isn't always practical for moms I will share what I had to do. **Although I would not recommend doing this for obvious safety reasons, I will share what I had to do to get my child out of his crib. I placed a lightweight plastic step stool inside my son’s crib so he could step onto it and be at my shoulder height so when I reached over the crib I wasn’t reaching down and lifting up. I held him close to my body and used my legs to lower him to the floor avoiding any use of outstretched arms/pecs. I took the stepstool in and out of the crib for this purpose only so PLEASE do not leave it inside your chid's crib and this is only a tip that worked for me to elevate my son to the proper height to get out without reaching into the crib.

    •  Before your surgery, practice with your toddler climbing in/out of the car and into/out of the car seat. Then YOU will be in charge of buckling the belt but not lifting the child.

  • If you have a family member, spouse, friend, etc. who can assist you in the first 2 weeks, that’s how long you will need someone to really help you with lifting your kiddo, running errands, getting them in/out of the car seat, etc. Otherwise it’s really difficult for some to do this simple daily tasks without potentially harming your new implants or incisions from any of the surgeries.

  •  If you need groceries, I highly recommend using a delivery service such as Amazon, SHIPT, or Instacart to deliver your groceries to avoid lifting those heavy bags and having to take your child to/from the grocery store. They will usually carry them into your house and unload them if you ask them to! Totally worth it! (Remember those bags of groceries usually weigh over 5-10 pounds which would be against your restrictions in the first 6 weeks.)  

    •  I hear most women complain about this one thing! They think they're feeling better after a few days and they venture out to the grocery store. Afterwards, they feel pretty beat and have actually overdone it. Please don't do this to yourself. Grocery shopping can wait. If you just want to get out of the house, instead go to the bookstore and walk around, go to the park where you can sit and rest, go to the mall where you can also sit and take breaks. Go to a coffee shop and bring a book or magazine. Take it easy! 

  • If you have a recliner, plan to rest in it for the first 48 hours with a table or TV tray next to you with your water bottle, medications, and ice packs close by! You will want to rest comfortably and being able to elevate your legs as well as not lay flat is the most comfortable position and a recliner is optimal for this!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you need help doing anything, washing your hair, cutting up food, changing your clothes, changing your kids clothes/diapers, please don’t be afraid to ask for help and know that you will need help!

  • Plan ahead for your meals. If you can meal prep and put some of the meals together from the recipes provided and freeze them (even if it’s chopping veggies and freezing them) these steps will increase your chances of successfully completing this program.

  •  Remember that EVERYONE is different and experiences a breast augmentation/chest surgery differently. I wasn’t prepared for the tightness, discomfort, and pain that I encountered doing little tasks such as pushing down on the toilet handle, pulling up a zipper, opening a bottle of water, pulling the rear door to close on my car, turning the steering wheel, getting my son out of his crib, and reaching behind the driver’s seat in the car to hand my kiddos something. If you prepare yourself for discomfort you will be less likely to be surprised. 

    • I have friends who did not experience the same discomfort performing these tasks and they were back to their normal routines after only a couple weeks. That’s why it’s important to remember that everyone’s recovery is different, and the support provided by CHRYSALIS will help your recovery in a positive way.

  • Be confident about your decision to undergo this surgery. No matter what type of breast surgery you have undergone, it was your decision and you should own it with confidence. It may be difficult in the recovery period, but you have made the right decision and with patience and compliance of this program, you will have a healthy successful outcome.

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