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For Surgeons

Every type of surgery has a post-op protocol.

Breast Surgery should be No Exception.

Welcome to Chrysalis:

Surgeon Information 

We want to complement your practice and provide your patients with the best recovery period possible. We address the ancillary healing that takes place with emphasis on the emotional well-being of your patients. Our program is FREE! It doesn't cost you anything to refer. We just want to improve patient outcomes and provide your patients with resources to help them recover better.

We would love to meet with you and provide detailed information about how we can be an asset for your practice. Please email us HERE if you would like to learn more about how we improve your patient outcomes.  


1. Is Chrysalis safe for my breast surgery patients?

Chrysalis was designed over the course of 2 years by licensed medical professionals with safety as our overriding concern. We consulted with dietitians, plastic surgeons, cardiologists, and physical therapists to ensure our conservative movements would not harm patients post-op breast surgery.


2. I don’t want my patients to “exercise” in the first several weeks after surgery.

The conservative movements given in the first 4 weeks are very basic with NO resistance or weights and focus only on the lower body.  We're happy to share our complete exercise list with you. It is also available online for you to view on each perspective week if you log in with your free account. 


3. I don’t want my patients using their arms for up to 6 weeks. How is this regulated with Chrysalis?

Upper body movements aren’t advised until patients sign a waiver indicating they’ve been cleared by their surgeons at week six. If requested prior to week six. 


4. Will you override my advice?

Chrysalis does NOT replace the advice of surgeons. Chrysalis is a supplement to a surgeon’s own post-surgical program. 


5. Why would my patients need a program like Chrysalis?

By partnering with Chrysalis, you are providing your patients with a comprehensive,  structured program so they can move safely, get ahead of the inevitable emotional roller coaster, and have an outlet to answer common questions. Women like and seek structure as well as support from other women. Recommending Chrysalis to your patients provides them with structure and support.


6. What is the purpose of the three-tiered approach offered by Chrysalis?

Chrysalis facilitates healing the mind and body conjointly, addressing the emotional roller coaster.


7. How does Chrysalis benefit me?

By recommending Chrysalis, you’re differentiating yourself from other surgeons by going the extra mile in ensuring long-term recovery and happiness. Patients don’t want to be another number, they want to know you care about their well-being. We help pave the way to a more fruitful surgeon-patient relationship. Again-it's free to you AND to your patients!


8. What’s the best way to offer Chrysalis to my patients?

Simply mention The Chrysalis Method to your patient's BEFORE their surgery. There are countless resources available with our program to aid patient's in surgery prep as well as recovery to ensure they are prepared. 96% of the women surveyed indicated that they would prefer a program such as Chrysalis being presented to them by their surgeon’s office.


Better Recovery = More Referrals


Let Chrysalis compliment your practice and provide your patients with the care and recovery they deserve! Your patients will be more likely to refer friends and family, and your office will have more time to spend on revenue generating business.

Email us today for more information.

Survey Results:

We surveyed women who have gone through breast surgery and the results show that a post-operative recovery program is something they would want if they were to do it again. Some of the key findings of our survey are:

  • 75.9% said they would want a post-operative plan.

  • 96.4% would have found specific recovery information helpful.

  • 80% said the information they were given by their surgeon did not include nutritional guidance.

  • 76.7% said they would have found a specific exercise regimen helpful during recovery.

  • 75.9% said they would have wanted advice on maintaining their fitness level during recovery.

  • 86.2% said they would have benefitted from a support group or resource.

  • 71.4% would have participated in a post-operative recovery program if they had been offered one.

  • 89% indicated they would have wanted to hear about a program like Chrysalis from their surgeon either before surgery, during the initial consult or during their pre-op appointment.

  • 54.8% indicated access to a program like Chrysalis would make them choose one surgeon over another.

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