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Day 7: 7 Day Pre-Op Guide

You made it!

You've come to the last day of your 7 day pre-op program. We are so proud of you!!

You are taking the steps to Rock Your Recovery and we are sending you good vibes for your upcoming surgery.

Watch Lauren's video below to make sure you've got all your bases covered and for her tips.

We've also included a great smoothie recipe you can make (before your eating cut-off time) before surgery that's jam packed with nutrients to help promote healing. Enjoy!



Today's Video:

Today's Tip:

You've made a commitment to your overall wellness, now be sure to take the next step to ensure your surgery is a success!


Review the Pre-Op Checklist and make sure that you've checked off all the items. If you have anything left to complete, take today and get those items ready.

We hope this 7 day pre-op guide has been helpful. Please reach out if you have any questions. 

We hope to see you during your recovery. Be sure you take advantage of our free post-op program, The Chrysalis Method, and don't try to do your recovery alone! We want to guide you through your recovery to ensure a successful surgical outcome!


Remember that every other surgery has a post-op protocol. Breast surgery should be no exception! 


Lauren Simpson, DPT

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