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How Can I Show My Appreciation?

Donate Here

The Chrysalis Method was designed several years ago as a package add-on for plastic surgeon offices. After visiting hundreds of surgeons we learned that without any financial incentive most of them weren't willing to "promote" or educate patients on The Chrysalis Method. Considering the value included in The Chrysalis Method and all of the clients who said it was worth far more than they paid as well as wishing their surgeons HAD informed them, we decided to change our platform. Patients have asked, "how can I show you my appreciation for everything you've provided me?"

The intention of They Chrysalis Method is to HELP WOMEN RECOVER BETTER. The resources provided in this program are countless. No longer do we require a sign up fee. Instead we ask that you place your own value on the program and make a donation if you are able. In turn, we will donate a portion of the donations to the American Cancer Society on behalf of The Chrysalis Method to show our continued support of cancer research and patient support. 

If you're using The Chrysalis Method for breast augmentation recovery, reconstruction recovery, or explant recovery, please know that you all deserve the same amount of support and guidance post-op.

The Chrysalis Method is here for you.

Thank you sincerely for your donation.

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