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Why does accountability matter during the post-op phase of breast surgery? Why does accountability ever matter? Think about it. Are you as likely to participate and be compliant in an exercise program, new diet, work assignment, or even a homework assignment if you have zero accountability? And if you don't have that accountability, are you as likely to succeed and do your absolute best? Usually the answer to these questions is no. The majority of women (and men) don't have the same drive to complete something to their absolute best potential unless held accountable.

Even with a doctorate degree in physical therapy, I have hired people in the past to hold me accountable for a more successful fitness program. Even though I know exactly what exercises to perform, what to eat/not eat, I've only been successful with my fitness goals when I'm paying someone to hold me accountable. Sounds crazy right? Nope, not crazy and not uncommon. So many women are just like me and need that accountability factor in their life to be successful.

The accountability component of The Chrysalis Method holds you responsible for your actions and lack thereof. It makes sure that you log your activity so that you will be more likely to perform it and thus move, feel and be beautiful. The weekly check-ins make sure that you have someone to answer to, ask questions to and fully engage in your recovery for a successful outcome. You are not alone and you should never feel that way!

Never discount the value of accountability. It may seem like a small component of this program but it's actually greatly important. Without accountability, you are much less likely to succeed and fully participate for the success you deserve.

Don't ever forget that you are beautiful.

-Dr. Lauren -

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