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The Chrysalis Method-A program designed BY a physical therapist, NOT a physical therapy program.

One common question that arises about The Chrysalis Method from both surgeons and clients: Is it a physical therapy program? The simple answer is no. The Chrysalis Method was originally designed to include 2 physical therapy sessions post-op which work on increasing flexibility and mobility while decreasing soft tissue restriction, swelling, and pain. However after extensive research and surveys conducted, the majority audience did not want physical therapy after breast surgery. So the evolution of The Chrysalis Method has developed into a 12 week post-operative program where you get things that are meaningful and strategically necessary in your recovery.

Although most women do not receive physical therapy post-op breast surgery, they should! Think about it. Every other surgery that is performed where tissue and muscle are cut through tends to have a referral to physical therapy. But because most breast surgeries are elective and cosmetic in nature, they don't get a referral to physical therapy? YOUR BODY STILL NEEDS ATTENTION AND CARE!! If you feel you aren't getting the progress you need on your own, please contact your local physical therapy clinic and have an evaluation.

As a doctor of physical therapy, I understand this necessity and I want to make sure all women understand it as well. BUT, we need more than the physical therapy. We go through a lot of other struggles post-op and none of these things are addressed by anyone except The Chrysalis Method. This is why the answer defines The Chrysalis Method as a program designed BY a physical therapist but not a physical therapy program. If you want JUST a physical therapy program with none of the other perks or benefits, then you can go to a physical therapist and get treated. You will find that you need much more than that. I'm speaking from experience of not just myself but from many other women.

Remember that you are beautiful. You need to hear this. You need to believe it, because it's true.

-Dr. Lauren-

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