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Breast Augmentation Recovery: What to Expect

Expect: Verb

ex·​pect | \ ik-ˈspekt | To consider probable or certain

Have you ever heard the saying “expectation is the root of all heartache?” We are sure that you have- most of us heard this from a relative or a person with more wisdom and life experience than our own.

When a person gives this sage advice, it usually stems from the desire to prevent heartache or disappointment. One of the best ways to ensure that expectations are met or exceeded is to be adequately prepared and educated about whatever event it is that you have set expectations for.

When it comes to breast surgery, many patients have this idea that they will go into surgery and wake up feeling like they had a really good nap and will be ready to rock a new bikini within the weekend.

It is true that every person recovers differently; some recover much faster and some take more time. However, we believe that properly setting this expectation and helping you be prepared for your surgery and recovery will set you up for success and the smoothest recovery process possible.

Be sure to ask your surgeon for a detailed recovery process during your consultation- surgical techniques are different and you should know what to expect from your surgery. The Chrysalis Method was created to ensure your post-operative period is a productive period providing you with all of the necessary tools addressing your mental and physical well-being. The Chrysalis Method has worked with surgeons and various medical professionals to provide you with the safest and most optimal recovery possible.

This is the most difficult phase of breast augmentation recovery. From personal experience we can tell you that you will feel tired- please rest! It is very important that you stay hydrated and keep water near you as well as get enough rest. This is not the time to worry about folding laundry or reorganizing your closet.

You will most likely experience a crazy rush of emotions. One day you may feel like crying for no reason, another day you may feel angry that you’re not able to do everything and another day you may feel a high of excitement. This is normal and it’s important that you open up about your feelings with others.

Your surgeon will very likely ask that you sleep propped up or elevated- if you have a recliner, this will make that process much easier, but you can prop pillows up in bed as well.

Your chest muscles will feel very tight and your chest will likely feel heavy- you have two implants that weren’t there before and your body needs to adjust. Because your muscles are tight, your implants will sit higher on your chest and you will experience some swelling- this can cause your implants to look larger than you anticipated. This is normal– your swelling will resolve and the implants will settle over time as the muscle contractions release.

If you have purchased The Chrysalis Method, you will receive nutritional guidance in addition to specific recipes designed for breast surgery recovery, movement videos that are broken down weekly to help reduce discomfort and muscle tightness and a crucial support structure where you can ask medical professionals as well as other women in the group experiencing similar symptoms questions to help guide you through recovery.

Post-Op First 4 Weeks

Usually after the first 5-7 days, you can begin returning to light activity as you feel comfortable. If your work does not involve heavy lifting, you can usually return to work as long as surgeon gives you the all-clear and you are no longer taking pain medication or anything that could impair your cognitive function.

During this time, your breast implants will begin to settle into their natural position.

You may also experience some nerve regeneration- some patients describe this as “pins and needles” and this can last for several weeks. During surgery, the nerves are disrupted and must regain their full function, which can feel uncomfortable until they fully recover. You may experience increased breast and nipple sensitivity during this time as well. All of these feelings are normal and will subside over time.

Post-Op First 3 Months

Most patients are enjoying their final result within the first 3 months as the breast implants have most likely settled and much of the nerve sensitivity and swelling has subsided.

Many surgeons will release patients to full activity by this time and your implants should feel like part of you- completely natural and soft. The scars can take a full year to completely fade and heal, so you will want to keep sunscreen on them to prevent further redness or delayed healing should they be exposed to sun or tanning.

While each woman’s recovery is unique to her, we hope that this overview of the breast augmentation recovery process can help to properly set your expectations and help you to plan for your surgery during a time when you can focus on yourself and your health.

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