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Post-Op Bra: Will I have to wear one 24/7?

When you ask a woman what the highlight of her day is, you just might hear that it’s when she gets home and can finally take off her bra.

That moment is DEFINITELY on the highlight-worthy list.

So we totally understand the cringe when we get the question: will I have to wear a post-op bra 24/7 after breast surgery?

24/7 is all.the.time.

So let’s get the details about wearing a post-op bra.

It Depends on Your Surgeon

This question is so common and yet there isn’t a universal answer. About half the surgeons researched recommend their patient’s wear a compression type bra 24/7 for about 4-8 weeks.

The other half advise their patient’s to go completely bra-less all of the time. It’s always best to ask your surgeon what he/she advises and follow that advice over anything else.

There is, however, a general consensus to avoid underwire bras until you have completely healed. This can be 4-6 months post-op. Again, this is also surgeon specific.

Why Are Post-Op Bras Recommended After Surgery?

According to a continuing education article published by Inamed, there are many benefits to wearing a compression garment after surgery. The benefits include:

  • Reduced Pain

  • Reduced Swelling and Bruising

  • Improved Comfort

  • Lower Risk of Infection

With any type of surgery, the underlying and surrounding tissues are wounded which results in bruising, swelling and discomfort. The article goes on to say that the “art of proper compression can assist in lessening these post-operative conditions and further reduce the risk of possible complications and pain.”

Will My Surgery Include my Bra?

This is another surgeon or operating facility-specific question. Some surgeons do include a surgical bra that is specially designed for the post-operative period. Almost all surgery centers or facilities will send you home in a “surgical bra,” but in our experience these bras are not made to last much past the first day or so after surgery.

If the operating room includes the bra, most surgeons will recommend you purchase another bra and swap into that one once you’re back home. One company we can recommend is Marena for post-op bras and compression garments.

They provide garments for the 3 distinct stages of recovery and also sell shape wear for every day use. Their garments are medical grade, antimicrobial and made to feel soft against even the most sensitive surgical sites.

Pro Tip: Purchase at least 2 bras before your surgery so that you always have one to wear even when one is in the wash.

Remember, always check with your surgeon before using a compression garment during the post-op period if one has not been recommended for you.

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