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What's Next?

This might be a question you ask your surgeon post surgery no matter what type of breast surgery you have. Personally I was very curious about this answer. I had an active job requiring lifting and physically assisting other people. I worked out 4-5x/week and didn't want to miss out on my workouts. I had 2 young children at home, 1 and 3 years old who required a lot of attention both emotionally and physically. So the, "what's next?" was a very important question I wanted answered.

My surgeon was amazing. He spent a lot of one-on-one time with me both before and after the surgery. This is one of the reasons I chose him. I wasn't just a number but I was a person to him and he wanted to make sure I felt comfortable with the entire process. He walked me through all of my concerns. Because of my type A personality and my background of being a phsysical therapist, however I wanted more answers that he couldn't provide. I wanted an EXACT protocol to follow and a support group. He gave me all of the resources that he had but it was still difficult process and not what I was specifically looking for.

Remember the type A personality I mentioned? With that, I didn't want to ask for help. I wanted to be able to do everything myself. I wanted to prove to others that I didn't need help and that I could do this without anyone. Was I Superwoman? I think I believed I was for a short time...but guess what, NO I WASN'T! This was a huge mistake. I needed help! I needed physical assistance, I needed emotional assistance, and I needed support. Why didn't this exist for women post-op breast surgery? I'm not talking about the websites where you log on and see other women who have questions and photos of themselves out there for the world to see...I'm talking about a REAL support group. A group where I could've been vulnerable and asked questions without judgment. One where I could've gotten tips on how to manage my one year old son without hurting myself.

The Chrysalis Method.

This is the what I needed. Everything and anything about Chrysalis is what I was looking for and desperately needed 7 years ago. The Chrysalis Method gives you the answers to the "what's next?" questions. You are given a step-by-step weekly protocol for 3 months up front before your surgery! You get the protocol before surgery so you can review it, prepare for what's to come and have a place to ask those questions and resolve any jitters.

The positive support from The Chrysalis Method is something every woman deserves post-op breast surgery. It's not just a protocol, it's a support system with many other perks. Without The Chrysalis Method, you might be left feeling lost, isolated and not sure what you can and can't do post-op. Make sure you get the full experience and take an active role in The Chrysalis Method. It's designed for you, designed for you to move, feel and be beautiful. You are beautiful. -Dr. Lauren-

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