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Why Didn't They Tell Me That?

This is a question that I hear so often. No matter what procedure a woman goes through, she usually isn't told everything she needs to know for a healthy speedy recovery. Medical practitioners are trained to practice medicine. They are experts in medicine. They are the ones who know what to do during surgery. They make sure their patients have the best procedure in the O.R. and they make sure the incisions are healing properly post-op. They don't want you to get an infection and have to go through another surgery! Their work is like an artist's. And if I'm having a surgery, I want that artist working on me!

So what do I mean by the question of this post? The things that are left out (usually but not always) are the other aspects of recovery. How often do you hear these things:

  • "How are you doing emotionally with your recovery?"

  • "I want you to exercise after surgery but you have limitations so here is exactly what I want you to do to get maximum benefits safely."

  • "Nutrition is so important in your recovery. If you aren't eating properly and drinking enough water, you won't heal as quickly and efficiently as you should. So here are some recipes you can fix ahead of time as well as easy ones that are healthy that you can fix afterwards to optimize your nutrition after surgery."

  • "Your personal life (sex life) is important as well and I want you to know that it's okay to have sex (X amount of days or weeks) after your surgery."

  • "You're struggling with how to talk to your daughter, son, sister, etc. about your surgery and what exactly to say, here is a great resource for you and others to talk with about the same thing so you don't feel alone."

  • "You're not sure if you're the only person out there who's experienced similar emotions after your surgery, well here's a group of people you can chat with and talk with confidentially and they might be able to help you with your concerns."

  • "You're having pain still and you're out of pain meds. Here is a list of things that you can do as well as other resources who can help you with pain control. A physical therapist can help with stretching you and modalities to help with the pain. A massage therapist might also be able to help you with pain relief. We have partnered with some great ones who are familiar with our program and would be great to work with."

These are just a FEW things that are commonly addressed with The Chrysalis Method that aren't addressed in the surgeons office. Again, remember that your surgeon is an expert at performing your surgery and he/she cares about you. He/she wants you to recovery and be happy with your results, so it's up to you to seek assistance from The Chrysalis Method so your recovery is complete and you have access to all of the resources you need to move, feel and be beautiful! Don't every forget, you are beautiful! -Dr. Lauren-

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