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Every Surgery Has a Post-Op Protocol. Breast Surgery Should be NO Exception. 

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We take a three-pronged approach



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"I feel so much better..."

"For anyone I know that’s been through breast cancer or any type of breast surgery, do yourself a favor and check out The Chrysalis Method. It’s been so great for me! I feel so much better since I started the workout program.”---Breast Cancer Survivor

The Founder

Lauren Simpson, D.P.T.

Lauren Simpson has her clinical doctorate in physical therapy and has enjoyed working with post-operative patients throughout her 15-year career. She has always enjoyed helping people get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible. Having gone through a breast surgery herself, she realized there was no formal protocol for post-operative breast surgery recovery.


So she created one.


She worked with plastic surgeons, oncologists, cardiologists, dietitians and physical therapists to form a program that is designed to add much-needed clarity and purpose to your recovery period as well as give women confidence to jump back into life after a productive healing process.

"Through Chrysalis, the combination of having nutritional guidance, movements you can do after surgery and having that support all around you is going to maximize your recovery period and help you feel better about yourself after your surgery," Lauren said.  


Lauren, her husband and their two children live outside Nashville, Tennessee. 



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